Welcome to MAPin, your one-stop shop for college and career planning! MAPin Silicon Valley is a service of Silicon Valley Career Pathways and is dedicated to fostering career awareness in students at all educational levels by providing them with the support they need to successfully navigate their chosen career path. We also support educators and institutions with in-class workshops that are available upon request.

MAPin is a collection of programs and services intended to provide students with the resources to explore, identify, and develop academic and career pathways. We offer services for students interested in earning a college degree or certificate, or in transferring to a four-year college, and we assist students with resume writing, preparing for interviews, and job search. We specialize in providing educational counseling for students who are interested in one of 15 specific career pathways.

MAPin is innovative, effective, and accessible! We present our programs not only to high school and college students through class presentations and workshops, but also at middle schools and adult education programs.