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Middle School

Middle School

Middle school is a perfect time to begin exploring and identifying potential careers with students in a fun and exciting way. Students are able to investigate and explore their interests before even starting high school and will have a good understanding of themselves before choosing a potential career pathway.


MAPin’s three-part Career Exploration workshop series targets 7th and 8th graders. In the workshops, students take the Inner Heroes personality assessment, learn about their strengths and talents, and research possible careers. In 2018, our program served over 700 middle school students. If interested in having MAPin conduct this workshop series please complete the form below.


Core Services (1:1 or Group Workshops)




This is a great time for middle school students to explore various careers options and how they relate to their temperament and values.




We provide a three-part workshop that includes our Inner Heroes assessment and specific career exploration.


Preparing for

Middle School

Successfully transitioning into high school is important to students continued success. MAPin prepares students with what to expect in a new environment.



Student Strategies

Good study habits, understanding learning styles, and time management, are very important to succeeding in school.


Additional Services

• Financial Aid

• DREAM Act & AB540 Information

• Scholarship Information

• Academic Advising

• Enrichment Program Information

• Work Based Learning

• A-G Requirements


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